Student Concert May 2023

Quotes from parents:"

"I thought all your students were so talented and brave getting up on stage. Thank you for a really enjoyable concert." 

"Thank you Jenny for another fantastic concert" 

"Thanks to you for putting it on! We really enjoyed hearing all the students play. It did Alex the world of good to prove to himself he could do it.   We loved The Stream too. "

"A massive thank you to you for giving the opportunity to perform at such a beautiful place on the grand piano to our children. Katy enjoyed it so much and was really happy and pleased for herself and her friends yesterday."

"We are very lucky to have such a talented musician,  performer and composer as our teacher!" 

"Thanks need to go to you Jenny for organising, you have some very talented young pupils! They are a credit to you! We both enjoyed it immensely, thank you!"

Another great concert!  Many thanks to ChristChurch for letting us have the free run of their building .

And particular thanks go to the students: Gracie, Stella, Holly, Tess, Talia, Maisie, Elissa, Eileen, Alicjia, Holly S, Holly K, Beatrice, Nathanial, Eva, Megan, Katerina, Kitty, Zoe, Estrella, Ellie, Michael, Alex, Kate, Emily, 

And thanks to the parents who helped out with food, drink and general things, including moving the piano.