Piano Pronto 


  • Nuances BOOK (intermediate0
  • Shape Up BOOK (showcase-style)
  • Well Spring BOOK (interm. Celtic)
  • Mood Swings BOOK (late-intermed.)


  • Away in a Manger (Christmas)
  • Blow the Wind Southerly 
  • Calm 
  • Captain Conrad's Hornpipe 
  • Celtic Stomp
  • Christmas Troika 
  • Daydream 
  • Deck the Halls (Christmas)
  • Festive Frolic (Christmas)
  • Fun Run 
  • Imagination 
  • Irish Wedding 
  • Lavender's New 
  • Little Tarantella 
  • Marionette 
  • Peaceful Slumber 
  • Pearls 
  • Rag Doll 
  • Sand Dance 
  • Slow Rumba 
  • Soul Searching 
  • Summertime Rag 
  • Sussex Carol (Christmas)
  • Taken Aback 
  • Tango in D 
  • The Holly & Ivy (early int, Christmas
  • The Holy & the Ivy (int) Christmas 
  • Valse Latina 
  • Waltz Divine 
  • Wild Beauty 


  • Disjointed Waltz 
  • Mourne Passage 
  • Tango Twist 
  • To the Sea 


  • Country Jamboree (intermed. duet)
  • Glad Rags (intermediate duet)
  • Get That Train (early intermed. trio)
  • Silent Night (intermediate duet)
  • Snow Ride (intermediate duet)
  • Spooking Goings On (intermed. duet)
  • This Old Man (late beginners, duet)

Piano Borealis - inspired 
by the far North: Islands of Ice
Frozen Sea, Lava Fields, Hot Springs,  Moving Earth, Big Sky, Winds of Change           TRAILER

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Piano Tracks - pieces with a jazzy feel:
On Track, Switchback, Autobus, Aerodrome, Drive Through, Cityscape, Rolling Stock, Mountain Pass,  Hilltop Railway, Big River Crossing, Expressway, Mystery Tour, Across the Prairie, Stroll on Main Street, Coast Line, Tinsel Town Rag, West Side, Terminus          TRAILER 

 Creations - 12 pieces for intermediates:
Morning Sun, Blackbird, Far Star, Alien Meeting, Dark Wood, Party Mood, Dew Drop, Little Waltz, River Ripples, Robot Walk, Sea View       TRAILER


  • After You 
  • Black Note Bounce 
  • Serious March for Bass Clef 
  • Walk Around the Block 


  • Clog Dance 
  • Offbeat
  • Piano Borealis: (Islands of Ice, Driftwood, Frozen Sea, Lava Fields, Hot Spring, Moving Earth, Big Sky, Winds of Change)
  • Peacetime
  • Rivulet
  • Shadow Light 


  • Cascade in Spring 
  • Cheek 
  • Decorative
  • Drama 
  • DUNES 
  • Floating 
  • Grand Design 
  • Hotchpotch 
  • Invitation to the Dance 
  • Jocular 
  • Joking Around When You Should be Pracising Your Scales
  • Motif on 4 Notes - lyrical piece
  • Motif on 6 Notes - lyrical piece
  • Mystery Guest 
  • Random
  • Rhythm Dance
  • Sea Moods: (Kites, Sea Breezes, Filtered Light, Island Sunrise, Sunshine, The Deep, Fresh Air, Calm before the Storm, Night Waves, Gull Coast, Tidal, Days End)
  • Spooky Touch
  • Syllan: (Sea Jewels, The Quayside, Wild Island, Garden Isle, White Beaches, Dappled Island, Samson Sunrise, Into the Fog)
  • Sweeping Statement
  • The Day My Piano Exploded
  • The Journey
  • The Lane
  • The Performer
  • The Piano Tuna - lyrical piece

  • Duelling Banjos (Erich Baurer) duet 
  • Evening RIse Spirit Come
  • Gaudate (Vince Clarke, Andy Bell) 
  • Hallelujah Mish Mash duet
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps(Harrison, Lennon, McCartney) 

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