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  1. Morning Sun 
  2. Blackbird 
  3. Far Star
  4. Alien Meeting
  5. Mr Bumble
  6. Dark Wood
  7. Party Mood 
  8. Dewdrop
  9. Little Waltz
  10. River Ripples
  11. Robot Walk
  12. Sea View


This is available on the Superscore app, where you can view and interact with the score.  You can view details at TimeWarp    For a SuperScore video click the image on the right:

This collection comprises twelve ‘piano scenes’, varying from lively and animated to more sedate and relaxing. Written for the intermediate pianist, the pieces deal with nature and the more bizarre, such as robots and aliens. They require different playing techniques, such as staccato and syncopation.  Each piece is detailed below, with clickable images to sample videos.  These are all available on the SuperScore App

1 - Morning Sun

A gentle, 3/4 work,  reminiscent of the beginning of a spring day. With the sunshine dappling over a calm sea, the mood is calm and serene.  

7 - Party Mood

This piece is fairly fast, with a short, 4-bar  introduction which sets a rag-time mood. The left hand provides the main drive . 

2 - Blackbird

The British black- bird is usually very black, with a bright yellow beak.  It emits a very shrill, warning to rivals but can also create a beautiful song. 

8 - Drewdrop

Dew is intriguing in how it reflects light and provides optical illusions with a jewel-like appearance. 

3 - Far Star

Distant, lonely, mysterious, with a feeling of space. An initial chromatically-descending theme sets the scene. 

9 - Little Waltz

A waltz may be the best way to introduce a pianist to 3/4.  The steps need not be com- plicated, hence the simplicity of the piece. 

4 - Alien Meeting

If two or more aliens meet, what would it be like?  Their chat may be discordant and ‘bitty’. This is a musical conversa- tion between two hands, ending up agreeing in unison.

10 - River Ripples

A river is a good source of musical ideas, with sheen, ripples and charisma. Pedaling, softness and the use of quavers enables the music to flow, like water. 

5 - Mr Bumble

The white tailed bumble bee is common in the UK. Its loud buzz dis- guises its peaceful, solitary nature.  He  is  not a collector of pollen but still has appeal. 

11 - Robot Walk

Robots have a rep- utation to be clunky and clumsy.  The accents. sta-ccato, and sudden key changes, make it a cheeky and like a wobbly, unsure, robotic walk. 

6 - Dark Wood

This piece is slow and it is necessary to wait patiently to play the next chord/note. The key is minor (A minor), adding to the darkness and to the sombre mood. 

12 - Sea View

Looking out to sea brings different feelings and emotions.  The dangerous beauty is depicted, with syncopation within the melody right from the start,