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Childish Nonsense for Piano

Childish Nonsense for grown-up pianists. A frivolous compilation of 11 piano pieces for occasions that seem to warrant that kind of thing, composed by composers who were alive at the time. This book of gently humorous performance pieces was born from a desire to play more droll and mirthful music. It is aimed at half-decent pianists, or really good ones, with difficulty levels that range from intermediate to quite tricky, and it contains music that is intended to lighten the mood in otherwise dreary recitals.  Contents: Very Minute Waltzes - Rob Howe & John Pitts, Ner Na Ner Na Ner Ner - John Pitts, Departure of the Queen of Sheba - Paul Ayres, I am eternally the cat trying to worm its way down the nook of the sofa to escape life - Steven Kings, The Chopsticks Canon (All the Chopsticks You've Ever Heard, and then some), Sobriety Test, Duet for Someone (Dave) Who Has Never Played a Piano Before - John Pitts, The Day My Piano Exploded (into little pieces) - Jenny Walker, Swing Elise! 2.0 - James LeGrand King III, Beethoven's Not So Pathétique After All, Brexations (840 meaningful notes) - John Pitts. An Intensely Pleasant Music publication