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Jenny has works published by Piano Pronto, Sheet Music PlusThe Great British Bookshop and SuperScore developed by Timewarp Technologies 
She won first prize in the 2014 EPTA Composition Competition and continues to write music.

Early Intermediate Piano:

  • Shape Up!  (Piano Pronto) songbook (On the Line, Parallel Bars, One Two Three Go!, Square Dance, Five Blind Mice, Honeycomb Dance, Eight is Enough, Lucky Seven, Piano Star, Crescent Moon, Circular Motion, Eastern Pyramids).
  • Summertime Rag (Piano Pronto)

Intermediate - JW Pepper

Intermediate Piano:

Late Intermediate Piano:


Syllan is an old Cornish word for the Scilly Isles, a group of low-lying islands 26 miles off the end of Lands End, England. The climate is mild, the beaches are white and the sea is (mainly) blue.

1 - Sea Jewels
2 - The Quay
3 - Wild Island
4 - Garden Isle
5 - White Beaches
6 - Dappled Island
7 - Samson Sunrise
8 - Into the Fog

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