Piano - Intermediate (click on the images for the sheet music)

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Music for Voices

Celtic Stomp

A rock-style, funky piece with a Celtic-like melody and snatched right hand chords. A dotted rhythm in the LH provides drive. 

Irish Wedding

A free-flowing piece with elements taken from the Scottish folk song ‘Mairi’s Wedding’ .  

Lavender's New

Based on a traditional English song  “Lavender’s Blue,” with unexpected harmonies and key changes. 

Sand Dance

A quirky little piece with a slightly Arabian feel. Lyrical and rhythmic.
A  jolly sea dance on the deck of a pirate ship, with a smoother middle section

Captain Conrad's Hornpipe


a peaceful meditative solo . There is a gentle, rocking 'bass' and room for  rubato .

Slow Rumba

A sassy Latin-style solo full of fun and catchy rhythms. 

Rag Doll

A jovial introduction to the ragtime style. A cheeky piece to delight intermediate pianists of all ages!

Taken Aback

An elegant lyrical showcase solo for late intermediates

Little Tarantella

Mimics an Italian style of folk dance with an upbeat, triple time tempo. A lively solo .


A gem of a piece.
'What a lovely piece! The melody is enchanting. I’m excited to share this one with  seve-ral of my students.'


An elegant lyrical showcase piece

Peaceful Slumber

 An elegant lyrical solo for intermediates. A useful introduction to 5/8 time.


A wistful waltz with a slightly quirky melody and steady waltz feel. 
"I just wanted you to hear a student of mine. We both LOVE this piece! She is playing it in the MTNA Fall Festival." ...
" Rachel did in fact receive a Superior. Thank you so much for the music! 

Tango in D

 A typical tango introduction followed by a precise, rhythmic accompaniment with a sustained melody taken by the upper right hand. 


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Nuance (SMP)

An atmospheric lyrical piece  It has a simple theme which meanders down the keys at a leisurely pace.Written during the 2020 'lock down' period, it is a mixture of hope with a tinge of sadness. .