A message to students and parents/guardians:

Since the COVID-19 lockdown , I have been teaching via Skype and Face Time.  Zoom is also available.  The lessons have been surprisingly successful.  I was nervous about teaching online: student engagement, the technology and lesson success. I have been surprised by the take-up by students, and the progress they have made. Since examinations have been postponed, many have been moved onto a higher grade.   

My timetable allows flexibility because we are all in our respective homes. I don't need to travel, though I do have update resources, print and preparing for lessons. I also have to give very clear instructions, and the students have to listen carefully.  I look forward  when I can teach face-to-face once more, for there is no substitute for seeing students in the flesh and, even with our impressive modern technology, no computer can match the experience from an experienced musician. However, with downloadable sheet music, YouTube and other technological advancements it is feasible that online music lessons can be successful.

I hope you all find the lessons remain productive and I'm so glad that, like me, you've taken up the challenge during this time.  It gives us all something to work for, keeps me in work, and we can continue to create great music. 

Jenny Walker



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