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Mourne Passage - 1st Prize, EPTA 2014 - Reviewer Camden Reeves

"A substantial and strong piece - lots of excellent ideas here, and very well executed.....There is a trace of the influence of Debussy, with the colourful added note harmonies. Very good use of pedal points, and the unusual harmonic and tonal twists are very effective."

Recording - Grantham, July 2017

Strolling on Main Street - Jenny's jazz piece , broadcast by Jazzbites Radio in June 2018

Disjointed Waltz - 3rd Prize, EPTA 2015) - Reviewer Pamela Wedgwood

"Wow! What a great piece, and a true realization of the title. You captured the mood perfectly with some dynamic time and key changes. The time change to 6/8 worked really well and your syncopated rhythms were very effective .... A very good effort indeed. Well done - keep writing!"

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     link to Wellspring songbook
     link to Waltz Divine sheet music

"Best Christmas Duet ever!! This piece has so many unexpected layers to it, I absolutely love it!! 😍 Thanks to Jenny Walker for creating such a unique piece of music! When we performed it, the audience was completely focused and captivated during the entire piece."

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