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 Music for Voices

Mood Swings 

A set of 12  technical studies using a variety of tonal centers and time signatures. 
'I love this as a supplement for re-enforcing techniques, especially for early intermediates! '


This suite depicts the journey of a mountain stream, from  high up in the hills of County Down, to its final destination where it flows into the sea. Within them are snippets of Irish style reels, jigs, and songs, .

Shape Up! 

An evocative collection of 12 character pieces. A landscape of harmonies and contemporary styles that span a variety of genres.
I love the variety of "moods" in this book! Each piece is unique and interesting for students and audiences. I bought it for a picky student and she chose several she wants to play!! - Heidi

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If you want something different , this is perfect!  It uses the 'double harmonic' scale to give an Arabian feel . The pieces are great for late intermediate level pianists of all ages and would be ideal for projects correlating music with middle Eastern culture. 

Title                      Audio extract             Video

  • Golden Sands          Audio              Youtube
  • Beledi                        Audio               Youtube
  • Nothingness            Audio               Youtube
  • Caravan                    Audio               Youtube
  • Noon Sun                 Audio               Youtube
  • Gecko Strut             Audio               Youtube
  • Scorpion Dance      Audio               Youtube
  • Oasis                         Audio               Youtube

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Piano Borealis

Inspired by a trip to Iceland and Greenland. When you play/listen to these pieces you'll be moved by the eerie yet beautiful landscapes.
This is available on the Superscore app, where you can view and interact with the score.  You can view details at TimeWarp 

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"Jenny, you have given us a wonderful album of music. The world needs to discover it!" George Frederick Litterst

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Piano Tracks Vol. 1 

Pieces with a jazzy feel - contents:
On Track, Autobus, The Aerodrome, Drive Through, Cityscape, Mountain Pass, Hilltop Railway, River Crossing. 

Piano Tracks Vol. 2

Pieces with a jazzy feel - contents:
Expressway, Mystery Tour, Stroll on Main Street, Coast Line, Tinsel Town Rag, West Side, Terminus.