Student Concert, Finkin Street Church, Grantham, 20th May 2018

Well done to: Amelia, Gayatri, Oliver, James, Ellimai, Estrella, Robert, Ellie, George, Jack, Hope, Emily, Isabella, Eleanor, Kimberley, Sarah, Evie, Lea, Emma, Maya, Keziah, Tamar, Job, Emmeline, Libby, James, Matthew, Charlotte, Lulu. The concert just gets better and better and I feel really privileged and proud. 

Quotes from parents:

"You know what Jenny I have no Idea how you do it but it was brilliant and exceptional. You are great and well done."

“Your teaching was reflected well in all of the children's performances and we really enjoyed it “

"You are the captain of the ship so we must thank you for it. It is your beautiful work and idea. It was lovely and my friends enjoyed it. It was very informal and a relaxed atmosphere for the children and us. Well done to you."