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Glad Rags Duet reviews:

"Very excited to have this piece. The music expresses so much happiness! I'm looking forward to the enjoyment of playing it." - Lisa

"This is absolutely charming ... imagine if Scott Joplin and Antonio Carlos Jobim collaborated on a piece, and this might be the result! Audiences will thoroughly enjoy this work, it's a genuine Composers Community gem." - James

Glad Rags Duet
Silent NightDuet
Silent Night Duet  played by Hannah and Payden at Vivo Harmonics (Canada)  - click the image to play

"Best Christmas Duet ever!! This piece has so many unexpected layers to it, I absolutely love it!! 😍 Thanks to Jenny Walker for creating such a unique piece of music! When we performed it, the audience was completely focused and captivated during the entire piece."

Country Jamboree Duet
Snow Ride
Spooky Goings On Duet